Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 1 And So It Begins...

Welcome to Day 1 of the Journey.  

And so it begins... 365 days of writing, marketing and e-publishing.  You might be asking...what's the point? Believe me, I've asked myself the very same question.  I've been toying around with the idea about doing this for weeks now.  Truthfully I'm scared about the work, the daily commitment, and about keeping it real. 
And yet here I am - ready to jump in.

And as for the reason why...well, I want to challenge myself in a BIG way. You see, while I've written and e-published four books over the past two years with some modest success, it's time to kick things up a notch in both my writing and marketing efforts.  

Bottom line?  

I want more.  More books...more buzz...more reach...more sales. 

So here's the plan - I write, edit, market, e-publish and execute.  EVERY SINGLE DAY 

And this part of my blog will become a record of it all. 

I want to focus on what's working -  what's generating more sales...what's helping me write better or faster -and get rid of what's not.  Aside from my writing, I work full time and with a husband, three kids and a dog, life is crazy.  Suffice to say there's not a lot of downtime in my days.  So when it comes to my writing and marketing, what I do has to help me not only work smarter, but also execute great results.

No doubt they'll be some lessons learned (both good and bad) and I hope you'll share them with me.

I'm in.  All in...Maybe you want to be too?  I hope so.  Let's get moving....  

Starting with five goals for the week.

Here are mine...
  • Finish writing and polishing two scenes in my latest book Never Let Me Go.
  • Complete an edit review of one of my previous books - Deadly Shadows - more on that this week
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas
  • Set up a weekly marketing schedule 
  • Write and polish a new blog post for Synchronicity

And finally...

Today's Take Away Lesson...

Writing, publishing and marketing your book can be a long journey, but you have to take the first step.  The best time to start was yesterday.  The next best time is NOW.

Here's to Being All In,


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