Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 2...Some Things Need Fixin'

Welcome to Day 2...

Since 2012 I've written and e-published four books...Deadly ShadowsOne Step Closer, Be Still My Breath and Now You See Me and for the most part the response from readers has been great. What wasn't so great were the negative reviews...mostly about editing.  

Lesson learned.  Stay tuned you'll learn more about what happened in my next two blog posts on Synchronicity - including...How To Edit Your Novel. (The start up of the How To...series is happening very soon!)

But as part of the fix, I found some great freelance editors to do a review on Now You See Me.  But that's not all...I also had them go back and do an edit on my other books.  Call it a do-over.

One Step Closer is already finished and now I'm in the final stages of reviewing their edits on Deadly Shadows.  It's slow, painful, not fun, not glamorous, but an oh-so-necessary part of the process. 

Today I completed ten chapters - and celebrated with a handful of chocolate covered cranberries (my guilty pleasure).

The good news?  I'm almost done, just eight more chapter reviews to go!  

What else?

Well I also started brainstorming marketing ideas.  But not just any marketing ideas.  Some of them take me completely out of my hide-behind-my-computer comfort zone.  Stay posted, I'll be sharing my final list soon. My plan is to spend the next year checking off as many as possible on the list and reporting on what works and what doesn't.

Finally...I finished writing and polishing a chapter for my new book Never Let Me Go (I've been just a few paragraphs away from completing it for about a week now so I'm so happy to put it to bed).  The story takes place in Sin City and a remote desert hideout in Arizona.  It's all about hacking, cyber crimes and has a fun twist about what is and isn't legal.  Add in a sexy secret service agent, along with a smart yet beautiful attorney and Never Let Me Go adds up to a whole bunch of sizzle and suspense. I can't wait to share it all with you.

That's all for now, but let's not forget today's Take Away Lesson...

Fix your mistakes...all of them.  Clean up your messes...all of them. And make sure you always give your readers your very best.  Even if it means a few do-overs.

Here's to Being All In,


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