Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 327...Serious About Writing? Here's A Must Read

Welcome to Day 327...

And if you're serious about your writing, here's something you don't want to miss...

They're writing tips from romantic suspense power house author Karen Robards. She posted them today on her Facebook page...


"For Writing Tip Tuesday: I was recently asked by RWA for nuggets of writing advice to be included on their web site. I came up with these, which I thought I'd share with you:
1. One tip for writing a really good book: cut out the boring parts. Really. It helps with pacing if you go from action to action to action. Yes, I know your characters have to get from here to there, have to eat and sleep, etc. Tuck necessary bits of information that would otherwise bog your story down into flashbacks related in dialogue or revealed by your POV character's thoughts, and your story will move faster.

2. The problem with writing to deadlines, as most writers do, is that you tend to get so focused on the destination - writing The End - that you forget to enjoy the journey. It's the dozens of small moments along the way - bits of dialogue, description, snippets of action - that make for a rich and satisfying book. My advice to you, then, is relax and write your story. And listen to John Steinbeck: "Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page a day, it helps. Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised."
3. Every character in your book is the star of his or her own story. I'm not just talking about the hero and heroine. I'm talking about the villain and the comic relief and all the other secondary characters. They are in your story for a purpose that has nothing to do with moving the plot along. (Yes, I know that is actually why they're there, but the point is, they don't know it.) You need to ask yourself, what do they want? Every single character needs motivation and a goal. They each have their own lives, their own emotions, their own good and bad points, quite apart from their role in the book and their interaction with the hero and
4. To sustain a long career, quality is the key. Publishing multiple books a year, writing the kind of book that's hot at the moment, meeting your deadlines, marketing and networking until your tongue's hanging out - all can advance your career. But what keeps readers coming back book after book, year after year, is quality. Write the very best book you can,every time. That's the ultimate secret."

Here's  Today's Takeaway Lesson...

"You Can Not Be A Master Teacher Until You Are A Master Learner"  

Here's to Being All In,


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