Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 331...Becoming A Writer Who Writes EVERY Day

Welcome to Day 331..

And becoming a writer who writes EVERY day...

I've written before on ways to keep your writing game face on...

Today's tips come from a blog post I recently read on blog

Here are just a few of her ideas..

"Find your creative times
Everyone has creative peaks throughout their day. I am the most creative during the early morning hours or very late at night, when my mind is in a dreamy sort of state. Others might be most creative after a long walk or during a break from their tedious day job.
Find your own creative peaks and use those times to do a little writing. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly the words flow.

Find your writing space.
Everyone needs a writing space that works for them...Your own writing space should be clean and organized, and all of your writing resources should be easily accessible. Try to choose a place with minimal distractions, comfortable surroundings, and enough space to lay out all of your work.

Stop making excuses and write.
If you truly want to write a book, you simply have to sit down and write. There are always excuses to be made, but good writers push these excuses aside and get to work.

Dream big, work small. 
Writing a novel is a massive task that can takes months or even years to complete. If you sit down to write with your entire novel in mind, you may find yourself so overwhelmed by the task that you get little work done.
That is why you must dream big but work small.
During your daily writing time, focus on completing just a few paragraphs that will move your plot forward. Before you move on to your other responsibilities, consider what few paragraphs you will write the next day.
This will greatly alleviate the stress that comes with being a novelist. Repeat this day after day and you’ll have a completed manuscript in your hands before you know it.

Set a sustainable goal. While ambition is a healthy motivator, setting too high of a daily goal will actually stress you out. In order to maintain a healthy Write Chain, pick a daily writing goal that you can achieve on even your busiest of days.
Remember, you can always write more than your daily goal, but you can’t write less."

Here's the link to the complete post...

Here's Today's Takeaway Lesson...

"We Become What We Want To Be By Consistently Being What We Want To Become Each Day"   Jimmy Buffet

Here's to Being All In,


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