Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 319...Becoming Fearless

Welcome to Day 319...

And becoming fearless.

Finishing my book...navigating the self-publishing game...dealing with bad reviews...there's a lot to fear with this #busywriterslife.

Sometimes I feel there's even a lot out more out there in this world to be afraid of...places...situations...the unknown...

Which is why I've been following a woman named Michelle who started her own video blog on how she's "pushing back" on her own fears...

Here's her story, in her own words...

"Thinking about it, living with fear worked out pretty good for me.
I got to live a controlled lifestyle where things would normally go
according to plan, I would achieve my goals and find my way to
get the things I wanted.
Until now.
A few months ago, I moved to New York to start a Master's Degree
in Branding at the School of Visual Arts. Trying to control New York has
been a nightmare, but what really pushed me to pursue this project was
not the controlled lifestyle I left behind, it is the frustration of not enjoying
this city and life in general to the fullest.
 Since the unknown has proven to
be so much more fulfilling than the familiar in these last months, I'm ready
to let go, face my biggest fears, try to be completely vulnerable about it
and enjoy the ride.
Wish me luck!"

It made me think about starting my own "fear busting" bucket list for my writing career and my life...

Here's a link to the blog...

And Today's Takeaway Lesson...

"Once You Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless"  

Here's to Being All In,


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