Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 296..What Every Writer Can Use

Welcome to Day 296...

And something every writer can use.

I recently found this little gem on Pinterest.  It's a Master List of Gestures and Body Language from author and blogger Bryn Donovan

Feeling stuck on how to describe what your character is doing? This go-to list is brilliant.

Here's some of what's included...

"he lowered his head
she hung her head
he ducked
she bowed her head
he covered his eyes with a hand
she pressed her hands to her cheeks
she raised her chin
he lifted his chin
her hands squeezed into fists
his hands tightened into fists
she clenched her fists
she balled her fists
he unclenched his fists
her arms remained at her sides
he shrugged
she gave a half shrug
he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug
she gave a dismissive wave of her hand
she raised a hand in greeting
he waved
she held up her hands
he lifted his hands
she held up her palms
he threw his hands in the air
she brushed her palms together
he rubbed his hands together
she made a steeple of her fingers
he spread his hands
she gesticulated
he waved his hands
she clapped her hands
he snapped his fingers
she held up a finger
he pointed
she gestured with a thumb
he jerked his thumb toward…
she extended her middle finger toward him
he gave her the finger
she gave him the thumbs up
she put her hands on her hips
she shoved her hands in her pockets
he jammed his hands in his front pockets
she rested a hand on her hip
she jutted out her hip
she folded her arms
he crossed his arms over his chest
she hugged herself
he wrapped his arms around himself
she rocked back and forth
she spread her arms wide
he held out his arms
she held out her hand
he extended a hand
he shook his head
she nodded
he bobbed his head
she tilted her head
he cocked his head
she inclined her head
he jerked her head in the direction of…
she turned her face away
he looked away.."

You can check out Bryn's full list and post at... 

Here's Today's Takeaway Lesson...

"Keep Moving Forward"  

Here's to Being All In,


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