Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 5...My Brain Made Me Do It...

Welcome to Day 5...

A half day of work today and a rainy afternoon in the Hudson Valley all added up to me being glued to my computer for past four hours.  

Even though it was the middle of the day I was totally in the zone.

It all started when I went out for a walk early this morning.  My subconscious brain is usually in high gear on my walks and when I came back I had a whole mental to - do list, starting with updating my website...

My website is just one of the tools I use to stay connected with readers.  It has an About tab with a short bio.  A tab for my other blog Synchronicity which links right to the blog.  A summary tab with all the books and the front page of my website displays all my current titles with descriptions, along with links to excerpts and links to buy.   

For the most part that's all "evergreen" info and I don't have to update it too often.

But my home page also has a new and noteworthy section where I can post what's happening in the world of Maggie Collins' Books.  So today I spent some time doing some housekeeping on the site and updates to include the recent release of my new book Now You See Me.  You can check it all out at

I also added a new tab on the website for my other new project I ventured into this afternoon...

Setting up a separate blog for 365 Days of Writing, Marketing & E-Publishing.  

I still want to blog about romance novels...the writer's life...and how to get things done in the upcoming "How to" series.  So I'll keep doing that on Synchronicity

And giving 365 Days it's own home just made sense.

But it also means my brain is now buzzing with a whole slew of social media ideas on all this - twitter updates...hash tie ins.  Stay with me over the next few weeks as I flush all this out.

It's exhausting and exciting.  I'm beginning to envision what I can only call a Maggie Collins Marketing Compound.

Let me explain...

There are a lot of definitions related to the word compound...including a cluster of buildings all having a shared purpose.

My marketing compound isn't a cluster of buildings.  Instead it's a cluster of tools.  The facebook page...the blog...the weekly marketing efforts - Goodreads giveaways...KDP count down deals...postcards to independent book stores (just a few ideas off the infamous list I'm working on) - all sharing the purpose of fulfilling my marketing mantra...

Expand the Reach...Build the Buzz...Sell More Books.

So for today, the website got updated...365 Days has a brand new home...I made some more marketing notes (I hope to show you my buffed and polished list early next week) it's time for a glass of wine and some pizza.

But not before I share Today's Take Away Lesson...

My subconscious and I have a very good understanding...I do what it says because after almost fifty years on the planet I've come to learn it's always right.  Including when it comes to my writing. So I've learned it's a good idea to act on those fleeting marketing ideas...those unexpected answers on how to flush out a scene or a character and any other crazy idea that comes along.     

Here's to Being All In,


(BTW...Stay tuned over the next few weeks...I'll have a lot more to say about how I use my subconscious to ensure I never...ever let get stuck with writer's block.)

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