Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 9...Build the Buzz...Expand the Reach...Sell More Books...

Welcome to Day 9...

Today I thought I'd unravel some of the code behind the marketing list I posted yesterday...

Starting with my marketing mantra...Build the Buzz...Expand the Reach...Sell More Books.

The way I see it, all my marketing efforts should center around those three ideas.  And if all this works correctly, (which I hope it will) Building the Buzz and Expanding the Reach should ultimately Sell More Books.

That's the game plan any way.

So part of to do's this week is sending comp books to well known media/celebrity folks.  I see that as a mix of Building the Buzz and Expanding the Reach.  I've been dancing around this idea for a while. 

Seems crazy right?  I was still not sure if I should do it and then I read an article just yesterday in the New York Post about two woman who started a beauty biz and sent Oprah a comp jar of some cream.  

What happened?  

Oprah not only loved it, she wrote about it on her website.  What happened next?  You guessed it...sales of the cream skyrocketed and this duo's beauty biz took off.


I took the article as a sign from above, so to start I decided on 4 media/celebrity folks...I goggled their mailing addresses through their shows or studios and I also scripted a note, and printed it on some nice stationary. (Love Paper Source http://www.papersource.com/ )

It's an easy marketing idea (honestly the toughest part was setting up my printer for my fancy stationery.)

Tomorrow, off they'll go in the mail.

Will the celebs actually see the book? Read it? Love it?  Truthfully I have no idea.

But you never know unless you try.  

So...I also got a small scene written and polished - yeah...

Started working on my email to bloggers...

And now I'm officially done for the day.  

Except of course for Today's Takeaway Lesson...

Sometimes your craziest ideas turn into your most profitable.  You'll never know unless you try.

Here's to Being All In,


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